Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Big Town In The Middle Of A Field Hey

Liam Neeson traveled to his home town of Ballymena yesterday to accept the freedom of the town.... It calls itself the city of the seven towers but it has no towers and isn't a city .... yes it's in the Bible belt and yes they do a lot of drugs.

 What the fuck is wrong with these people?

The mayor of the town who looks like a miserable shite said it was Ballymena's biggest day.

Only the best for Mr Neeson.

The first time Neeson was offered this honour about 10 years or so ago he declined it as living as a Catholic in Ballymena he felt like a second class citizen who had to stay in doors during the 12th July. Those remarks ...... which were true caused out rage with the Ballymena Protestants as they do not like anything bad being said about them ...... even if it's true so tough shite.

Neeson decided to accept the honour now as times have changed. No more sectarian hatred, masked men or petrol bombs.

Aye they do bucket loads of drugs there just like they did 10 years ago, nothing has changed. 

Neeson described Ballymena as Northern Ireland's best kept secret. Now Neeson has put it onto the map .... in Northern Ireland that is, still no one wants to go there.  

Like anyone with half a brain Neeson got the fuck out, he is indeed a freeman.