Thursday, 24 January 2013

Beyonce Fakes It

So Beyonce  lip-synched when she sung the Star spangled banner at Obama's inauguration. So what? you say, performers do it all the time.  
I watched her sing it and was impressed, I watched as she ripped out her ear piece half way through as if she was experiencing feedback problems... nothing can hold this proud black woman doon. 
No wonder Joe Biden was grinning ear to ear, it was good. 

It was a better performance than many others and not too much American idol warbling when they take a one syllable word like Free  and turn it to Fer - her- her -fi- ree- ee-ee-ee  that isn't singing, thats shite.

Now I find out she lip-synched.  I feel cheated .... nay violated, much like when it turned out that Obama is really a sneaky shite and not as honest and straight forward as he seemed.... still better than Romney though.

The Marine band who accompanied Beyonce were not so good and were obvious about faking it .... Marines huh.

I wonder if when Jay z is throwing one into her she pre-records her orgasms. Huh huh huh are you faking it baby? ..... No sugar I'm huh huh huh give it to me good nasty daddy ok maybe I am but it was from a time when I did it for real. 

Thats it! from now on Old Knudsen is boycotting Beyonce and Beyonce type products. I'm binning all my Destiny's child LPs too.