Friday, 11 January 2013

Ban Abortion, Not Guns

Ya didn't like that title did you? Have a knee jerk reaction like you do with gun control? Some more gun control arguments for you to dismiss. Old Knudsen likes to play devil's advocate.  Here is a picture of my 500 Magnum getting ready to go to the range. It costs $35-40 for a box of 20 ammo then of course you must have beer and crack money too.

A 500 Magnum is .50 cal. Dirty Harry used to say that his .44 Magnum could take yer head clean off yer shoulders, well this can take the head clean off an elephant's shoulders .... trust me on this... fucking elephants.
Dirty Harry talks to chairs and voted for Romney ... yet he still has guns ... scary huh?

Well why do you need one of these? I'm not going to say for self defense, Old Knudsen is a killing machine without a gun. 
He needs it cos it makes him excited and makes him hard.

Why do you go through a mid life crisis and buy a shiny red sports car? cos it gets you excited and makes you hard..... unlike yer boring wife.

Why do weemen wear too much make up? because you think it gets men excited and makes them hard .... what other reason could it be?

The above picture is how you imagine yerself with make up on.

Here is the reality. I must admit that it does not take much to get Old Knudsen hard.

You can tell yerself it makes you feel pretty dressing like a tramp if you want, I don't care about yer reasons. If it makes you happy and do no harm to anyone then go for it. Some feminists will say yer holding equality for weemen back but you don't care about that. Get the drinks in.

Sometimes you don't need a reason, you just want to have one or do something.

Why does anyone need an assault rifle?  well why does anyone need an electric toothbrush or a mobile phone?

"Oh but mobile phones don't kill people" .... give one to a terrorist and he can kill many in one go.

Just because you don't like guns that doesn't mean you get to dictate the rules on them. What if religious people decided you couldn't have an abortion .... because it's murder. Not fair huh?

When weemen can't get an abortion due to the law of their cuntry (Northern Ireland) they order pills online to kill their fetus.
It maybe unsafe but thats what people do. If you can't have guns legally then you get them some other way. 

There are too many cunts out there and if you believe that not having a gun keeps you safe then maybe you should get out of yer safety bubble more.  Not everyone lives in a nice area. Yeah lets wait for shit to happen to you first or you could wake up now.

The police cannot be everywhere but yer Sig can.

Old Knudsen dislikes the fact that his firearms cannot join him in the UK ... maybe some day. Do not assume hes unarmed though. There is always a way. The criminals know this so why don't you?

In the US there are counties that have police who are just as under-trained as a rent a cop security guard. You seriously trust them to protect you and yers?

Why do governments go on about helping yerself and to stop being so lazy relying on someone else but make laws and build unrealistic barriers to stop you from being independent?  Ask an immigrant who wants to better themselves about the catch 22 barriers in their way.

What is good for some people (like not letting crazy fuckers near guns) does not go well for others. Who will out pricing firearms help? thats what is going to happen because who is going to pay for all the restrictions?

In the US you can buy a car thats falling to pieces as long as it passes emissions. In the UK you have to pay through the nose to the government to own a car and it has to pass strict tests that you pay for. Road tax every year keeps going up and the potholes in the roads never get fixed. You buy the car but the car doesn't actually belong to you cos the man can take it.

That is yer future for guns in the US, you have the right to bear arms, you just have to be able to afford it.... like immigration.