Friday, 11 January 2013

American Cunts Are Better Than Pretend British Cunts

You know who the only other people stupid enough to protest about not being able to fly their flag?

Racist rednecks from Virginia ..... yep those who came from the Scots/Irish people from Northern Ireland.

The Americans showed that they were the better bigot as they did not destroy or burn anything and no roads were blocked and no Christmas events ruined. Of course their cops don't mind a bit of brutality unlike the PSNI and I guess that these American racist rednecks are more civilised than our Prod racist rednecks and look no children out late at night fighting the police.... I guess that makes them better parents too.  

Well done Northern Ireland, for all yer talk about fat Americans with their guns it seems that even their worst bitter cunt steeped in a culture of hate and oppression is better than you. It's actions not words.