Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Zombies Don't Like The Cold Steel Up Em

The Reaper, yers for $449 USD. What price do you value survival?

A bladed weapon is probably the best weapon to have in a zombie apocalypse. If it's sharp then that will save you having to put so much effort into yer blows as you would a bludgeoning tool. You can chop and hack giving you time if you can't get to the head.

A two handed weapon will give you more power but an axe is more likely to give you a glancing blow if yer weak. A long bladed weapon will more likely hit something and dig in.

I like a long handled short sword type of thing like the Mack Daddyo.

A short sword can be used in a confined space and still keeps the biters at arms length. A sword will last you forever if looked after and is silent so no attracting unwanted attention.