Saturday, 8 December 2012

White Trash Rioting In Northern Ireland

 Dickheads upset about their flag flying being limited burn an Irish flag.... because they are hard.

Yet more idiotic rioting has gone on today in Northern Ireland. Here are the key buzz words and phrases I've heard from one unionist. 

Whole culture, heritage and traditions are being stripped away, British identity,  parading culture, removing really everything that we hold dear to us.

Heritage and traditions .... most of which are about 100 years old, sure you have the battle of 1690 ... not that they know anything about that battle and the reasons for it but still. Most traditions merely involve pissing off and goading Catholics.

British identity ..... Britain doesn't want us, the Scottish don't mind being Scottish first, stop being so whiny and needy, you sound almost English ... and you hate the English.

Parading culture ..... Walking around with yer beer bellies pulled in (if you can) and yer chest puffed out is very baboon like. Not a culture, more like a ridiculous spectacle that ends in drunken violence. It's getting less and less spectators every year, soon there will be more bandsmen than watchers .... it's dead Jim.

Everything that we hold dear to us ...... You don't care about the laws of the Queen or the state of the country and its people so what do you hold dear? oh yeah keeping above the Catholics. The IRA felt the same way for years about keeping above the Protestants, but they were better at it ... you are so full of fail it makes me sad to be from here.

Why do you want to turn everywhere into a Compton or an Oakland? thats what happens when uneducated trash riot and destroy their own areas. Thats you that is.