Friday, 14 December 2012

The Horsemen Cum

The rider of the white horse is often seen as a force for good, on a white horse with the flat cap of the righteous and just. However, it is the Anti-christ in disguise as a stereotypical hero. Is being anti-christ a bad thing considering all the evil that is carried out in the name of Christ? Believe in the Anti-christ as he is pro-choice, pro-justice and doesn't take shit from shitheads. He knows yer heart.

The rider of the red horse is generally seen to represent War, like the god of war Mars... That would be a bit odd, Christianity stealing things from Pagan faiths. The rider of the red horse takes peace away from the world and does a very good job.

The third horseman, riding the black horse, is called Famine. He has issues about looking fat and so will ruin yer crops and convince you to grow only corn to use for fuel rather than much needed crops.... Don't be surprised when the corn blight hits and destroys all crops. 

The fourth horseman, on the pale horse, is given the mantle of pestilence. The Greek word interpreted here as "pale" is elsewhere in the New Testament translated as "paisley."

After laying the Isle of Destiny to pestilence for decades he now gazes to the rest of the world. Drought, floods and human stupidity will end the world .... for humans that is.