Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sunday Salad Toss

I like the brickwerk, the orange lass in pink you can have. It's terrible what people do to themselves and think it looks good. Old Knudsen thought that was a phase in the 1980's but no, they still do it.

Here is my lazy Sunday post designed to attract Christians away from children and onto adults.

Is that a Bible in yer pocket or do you have a colostomy bag ? .... no thats not right, ah! yer pleased to see them... don't get that orange shit on my sheets!

So thats how the pubes keep getting into the margarine!

At least Sheri keeps her clothes on in the kitchen. Dressed up, must be going to church.

She looks like a nice woman ... someone you can talk too. Don't know why I'd want to talk to her but still, why do I never meet any nice weemen?

Ach this wank fest of a post seems a little blonde top heavy. Old Knudsen likes the odd blonde but prefers brunettes, he was raped and pillaged by ABBA you see. 

There, that hits the spot.