Monday, 3 December 2012

Soldier's Imaginary Friend Calls The Shots

Guardsman Jatinderpal Singh Bhullar aged 25, is a devout Sikh, and joined the Scots guards earlier this year. He has been given permission to wear a turban outside Buckingham Palace, breaking hundreds of years of tradition.  

The regiment traces its origins back to 1642 and its soldiers have worn bearskins on parade since 1832.

The decision by Army bosses has proved controversial with Bhullar's fellow soldiers. The Army's Sikh chaplain has said that Bhullar has endured taunts about his turban and his refusal to cut his hair and his beard.
Two other Sikh soldiers in the British army. There are a total of 20 - 25 currently serving.

Many of his colleagues seem to think its the regiment first and religion second. Old Knudsen is in favour of that train of thought.

A Ministry of Defence spokeswoman said: 'The Army takes great pride in its diversity. Discussions are underway between this unit, the Sikh community and the MoD. The individual will have the full support of the Army and his colleagues.'


No it won't. Bhullar has and will continue to get shit for this, the British army isn't the most sensitive organisation in the world and using an excuse like 'yer imaginary friend' doesn't go doon too well. His grandfather served in WWII and wore his turban but he probably wasn't in the UK.

If he doesn't have to shave or wear the proper uniform then why should anyone else? He knew the rules and dress code when he joined.
I see a problem with discipline as Bhullar is getting preferential treatment. I see a lot of resentment because current members and former members don't want something they hold dear pissed on.

The MOD allow this? has the British military become total pussies?  ... for fucks sake its getting worse than the Americans.

If his turban is more important to him than a bearskin then maybe he is in the wrong regiment. Because yer imaginary friend wants you to be a beardy and wear a towel then don't get a job that has a strict dress code.