Friday, 7 December 2012

Secret G-spot

Old Knudsen showed today in front of the world press why hes the sweetheart of many a VIP. Meeting up with Hilary Clinton at the new Titanic Building in Belfast he worked her secret G-spot  while posing for photos. Her husband Bill the former US president has been unable to locate the spot which has caused much friction during their marriage. "Why can't you be more like Old Knudsen? hes a real man that knows how to please a woman with needs."

As security moved in with their weapons at the ready Ms Clinton the current US Secretary of State pulled her Sig Sauer P220 compact pistol from a holster on her thigh and backed them off. (all Americans carry guns) After that she and Old Knudsen were inseparable. 
First Minister Martin McGuinness feeling limp and useless as Old Knudsen works it.

Local government leaders had to have their seating rearranged at the lunch held in her honour. Old Knudsen said the lunch was "finger lickin good .... so it was."