Friday, 7 December 2012

Sammy Wilson Is A Cunt

Northern Ireland politician Sammy Wilson is a cunt. Like many of his fellow DUP members they have denounced the recent rioting over the flying of the union flag at Belfast city hall. They denounce it and then say something like .... well Alliance knew this was going to happen.

Not the kind of petty talk that should cum from a political leader, it sounds very Romney like. For once the other parties have the majority of votes and so the DUP can not bully their way through as they have always done. I guess they really don't like losing.

Before the vote to only fly the union flag on special days rather than 365 days a year the DUP printed leaflets in the colour of the Alliance party (the party that had the deciding vote) saying it was them trying to take away the British-ness from the country and for people to complain to the Alliance councilors. They more or less accused Alliance for siding with the Catholic parties.   

Alliance offices have been burned and damaged, councilors have had death threats and their homes attacked yet the DUP politicians, rather than control their mobs have sat back all smug like.

Mr Wilson who is the finance minister makes sure his mates get any work to be done and shouts down anyone who opposes him.
In September he was fined for texting while driving  ....... lol! Shows you that he is a man of sound judgement right? You should know getting stopped by the peelers is what would happen yet you still did it.

Silly shite over a flag. A flag which Old Knudsen has served under but does not want it used by dickheads as a weapon of intimidation. They don't deserve his flag.

Times are going to change in Northern Ireland and when we get rid of people like Sammy Wilson  the country will then move forward.    If I needed a smug "I told you so" I'd have stayed with my 4th, 7th and 9th wives.