Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Male Control

Every time you have a shooting tragedy you have the same predicable people calling for gun control. No one listened to yer ranting last 5 times so what makes you think that this time is any different?

Old Knudsen does support gun control ..... to a point but it won't stop anyone. Yes having a gun does make killing easier but being good with a gun also helps. I've seen plenty of shootings in which the guy only kills one or two. A lot of it depends on planning and yer own skill and nerve. If you have a shooting on an island or block the exits then you'll get a better result. Doesn't matter if you have an automatic or semi automatic if yer shite and yer targets are getting away yer fucked.


The only purpose for guns is to kill .... fuck yeah, it's what humans are best at doing. The same can be said for spears, swords and tanks. 
Bows were also used to kill. The side product of bows and guns is hunting and protection.  The US constitution was set up to ensure the public had firearms so if they had to they could overthrow the government just like they had done to the British. The weapons available now will not overthrow the government because the government has drones. There are also plenty of wild animals in the US, four legged and two legged varieties . 

I've seen many non-gun using types call for gun control. You haven't had the joy of weapons, stick to yer action figure collection why don't you. Thats like men making the laws about abortion.

Here is the perfect killing machine

If you look at all the killings and wars throughout history you will notice one thing..... MEN.

Man with his eyes facing forward, his adaptable brain and his aggressive, cunning nature makes him the worlds #1 killer.
From the FBI data base, men are up to 10 times more likely to kill than weemen. Men are also more likely to be the victims of crime . Weemen were created to reproduce and nurture, men who are a mutation of weemen are designed to kill and protect to make it worthwhile for them, blowjobs.

A gun is based on a man's penis ... think about it.  Men use their penis as a weapon, rape can be compared to a shooting. Rape has been used as a military tactic for centuries, shoot yer load into a woman replace the population with yer own.

Humans with their large brains have come up with more easy and effective ways to kill. You don't have to be in top fitness to kill as many people as a warrior on the battlefield.

If you had less men would weemen step up and start going to war?

It's men that usually put the gun into weemen's hands. Either for protection against men or to fulfill a male fanasty.
Resident evil and Tomb raider are not fat ugly weemen in baggy clothes. If weapons en-power weemen that would be because men have been taking their power. 

If you want someone to blame for violence and murder then blame the common denominator ... man.

Call for a mass male culling and you'll see a reduction of murder, rape and crime. To start you off start with the prisons, you'll find that prisons are usually full of trouble makers.

In China the lack of guns doesn't stop knife attacks killing 8 people at a time. In Mexico the strict gun laws there doesn't stop the shootings and violence.

You can't take the guns from a society that is out of control and expect peace. It just ends up that the men will find a way to kill using other methods or get a hold of a gun.

Soon you'll be able to get a 3D printer and print off yer own guns at home. Control that.  Do you think a woman came up with this idea? ...... um nope.