Friday, 7 December 2012

Kill The Poor

Wasn't that a nice story about the New York cop who bought a barefooted homeless man a $100 pair of boots? makes yer heart swell, especially since the cop didn't ask for any attention for the act which quickly went on to become an Internet hit. 

The homeless man didn't wear them as they cost $100 which is a lot of money and didn't really go with his outfit. "It clashed with my big plastic cup."  He did however say that he wanted some money for having his story and picture out there ... "somebody gotta owe me something."

Stoopid Hobo, go swap them for a pair of $3 crocs. That bloke is a fucking nutter! Try blogging you can make a fortune, Old Knudsen is on the cusp of becoming a blogging billionaire.  

A homeless man.

John Stabile from Florida (of course) had the right idea. Man being the ultimate prey he decided to get a butchers knife and kill himself a hobo.

According to the Sheriff's office, Stabile said he didn't know the man but had seen him around the area and had been thinking about killing him for a couple of weeks.

Who hasn't been there? Theres this woman in Tesco who gives me really shite customer service, sorry for interrupting yer day bitch but I just want me fags and scratch cards. Oh and would it hurt you to put on a bit more make up and get yer hair done? Lucky its fucking cold or Old Knudsen would start stalking her.... miserable looking bint, I never win when she gets me my cards her aura is poisoned. 

John Stabile crazy hobo killer.

Stabile's uncle, Angelo Saccente said "I'm in shock! He's not a bad kid. There's another side to the story of why Johnny did what he did."

You see a hobo, go get a knife and stab the guy, you wait until hes dead and then confess to the cops so you can go to prison in case you kill someone else, doesn't sound like a bad kid to me. I too am shocked.   
Stabile had schizophrenia so who knows what he was thinking? ... ah well at least it was a hobo.

I want to kill those bums with the oh so funny signs, ha ha ha you need beer well ok then .... fuck off! Go shop lift like the rest of us. 

Oh look ninjas killed yer family and you need money for karate lessons ... no in fact you need $ - 4 karate lessons. That is a terrible tragedy.

Something in yer eyes has me doubting yer story and the fact that you wrote $ and 4 really bugged me. You are a liar and lazy with a sharpie, go fuck yerself !

I wouldn't trust you with my money, how would I know if I'd get it back? you may become a black belt and say, "fuck you, you want yer money then come an take it."  Doesn't sound like a good investment.