Thursday, 6 December 2012

I'm Gonna Rape Me Some Babies!

Can you believe that this person got 4 weemen to have sex with him?

Eamon Lynch aged 39 from Rape city ... er Londonderry .... Northern Ireland has accumulated the biggest criminal record in British or Irish legal history.

Yay! what a winner, in yer face the teachers that said he'd never be # 1 at anything.

After being on the run from police for 2 years for bail jumping he was jailed for a whopping 28 months.
Lynch has had 465 previous arrests. 276 of them were traffic offenses like drink-driving, failing to remain at the scene of and accident and failing to report an accident (2 hit and runs), obstructing and resisting a police officer and driving without insurance.114 were for driving while disqualified. Hes disqualified from driving until 2023 but that doesn't seem to stop him .

It works out at an average of more than 20 offenses for every year of his adult life.  The dirty dick  father-of-eight children from four different relationships, (hes a real catch but not by the police) also has multiple previous convictions for burglaries, forgery and drugs offenses. Just the kind of person you need out on the streets and breeding.

Judge Grant  said to the master criminal "Your record is simply appalling and it contains the most significant number of convictions ever to come before me, you simply do not care anything for the law."
Wow, you don't fucking well say, maybe because the law in the UK and in Ireland is fucking slack and not really interested in stopping crime in case it offends or upsets the criminals or some shite like that.

How about a 3 strike law?  no wait a minute lets start off slowly but we need to make sure that criminals know we are serious and will not tolerate crime.

Lets have a 250 strike law, yeah that will teach them. After 250 offenses they will be given a stern talking to then if they offend another 250 times we lock em up without mercy, for a weekend or so. They'll be out for Sunday dinner.

What the fuck? The law is a joke, no wonder people laugh in the faces of the police, "wot ya gonna do lock me up?" The worse thing is that there is talk for a 3 strike law ......... only for online filesharing etc.
You can live yer life like a character from Grand theft auto or Saints row and get away with it but if you doonload 3 of Bieber's songs you'll get nabbed. 

Crime really does pay.