Sunday, 2 December 2012

I'm Every Woman

Old Knudsen likes weemen ..... call him old fashioned he don't give a fuck. He likes their curves, their softness, their strengths, their flickable nipples. He can take most weemen and find something sexy about them. Old, young, fat or thin.   

He can get aroused by their thinking just as easily as he can bending them over a wheelie bin. Of course it a woman opens her mouth and is a total dick then Old Knudsen finds himself busy.

Weemen  are people and should be treated as such. Man or woman, Old Knudsen will treat you with all the scorn you deserve ..... but its for yer own good.

I know what I like and like what I know.  I also like TAC - 50 (C-15) long range sniper rifles and I make no apologies for it.

I also like big butts and I can't deny. If you have flaws then whatever .... Old Knudsen has flaws, can't think of any right now but considering Old Knudsen's personal heroes like Winston Churchill are deeply flawed, Old Knudsen likes them even more for that because then they aren't one dimensional figures holding a cigar but were actually flawed people who had personal battles to fight as they were fighting public evils.

We all do bad things as well as good, its how we handle life and how be behave that makes us.   

Physical attributes aside Old Knudsen values, self aware, interesting, funny, loyal, honest, nice people who will help a friend bury a body at 3am and not even ask what happened.

As One direction say: 'you don't know yer beautiful' but Old Knudsen does.