Saturday, 8 December 2012

Idiot Flag Protesters

You know what really shows respect to the union flag? using one as a weapon to hit vehicles with.

Yet more riots in Belfast and other places that aren't Belfast. If you remember these riots are a DUP fueled mob response after the city council voted to fly the union flag only on designated days.

The riots are having the effect of uniting the people on the side of the Alliance party after they became the victims of death threats and having their offices and homes attacked. Now the DUP have gone from 'the violence is wrong .... but you deserve it' to a more 'oh shit this has gotten away from us, better blame the UVF.'

DUP politician Paul Girvan tried to appeal to the rioters but was stoned by them before they realised who he was in a pythonesque moment.

Christmas functions were disrupted and most importantly the Christmas shopping was affected.

Oh yes, these protesting dickheads really love their flag and country ..... not!