Wednesday, 19 December 2012

How Peter Robinson Stole Christmas

So the Protestant DUP are and have been using the Union flag as an excuse to try to intimidate the moderate Alliance party out of the towns that they have been gaining footholds in.

The DUP have been working closely with their friends and fellow Loyal Orange Order buddies from the paramilitary terrorist group the UVF and the English Nazi group the BNP.

On Monday a council meeting in the town of Carrickfergus was invaded by an angry mob who broke in and threaten the Alliance politicians and told them to get out of town by sun up.  

The police who were up to that point relaxing and sipping at their tae were rudely interrupted and had to intervene.
A police spokesman said, "It is not clear at this point if the officers will be paid their full amount as they had to leap into action during one of their many tae breaks."

DUP politician Sammy Wilson may have said earlier, "The Alliance party deserve to be executed for following the Good Friday agreement and for voting in a democratic manner, they have no business getting involved in our country. How dare they use the police in such a heavy handed fashion during a peaceful protest."

He went on to explain that a peaceful Protestant protest was one steeped in tradition and heritage of Protestant culture that involved the smashing of public and private property, the threatening and wounding of anyone deemed not one of them and at least 3 or 4 fires of some type."

First Minister of Northern Ireland Peter Robinson has a heart three times too small, his cock is also tiny which is why he feels the need to be in charge and why his wife had a much publicised affair with a younger, bigger and harder man. Christmas makes Mr Robinson feel less British and impotent.

Well done DUP and yer henchmen on ruining Christmas for many . You think children being at the fore front of yer riot is a family outing and that the family who riot together stay together ..... until little Timmy gets lifted by the peelers of course. Then you complain about the police picking on children ..... for the love of Gog, kill yerselves please!