Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Hand's Of The City Hall Cletus

More pictures of the rioting at the Belfast city hall on Monday 3rd December 2012. The Unionist protesters say their culture is being attacked because a council vote decided to only fly the union flag on designated days just like the government building at Stormont. (no riots out there I've noticed)

Your culture (the ruling majority of Northern Ireland) says that at least two of yer flags in yon picture are upside down. If you are sooo British and proud of yer culture wouldn't you know that?

Why does it take an old soldier like me to tell a civvie what way yer flag goes ...... oh thats right cos yer a sectarian moron who has never served Queen and country and a union flag is only a means to rub yer Protestantism in the faces of Catholics, even though many Brits are Catholics but I didn't say any of this was sensible.... No wonder the world laughs at us and tourists from nice places never return for a second visit.

Since you're so proud to be British then why can't you fucking well speak English?????

HAND'S OF ?    in what form of English does that make any sense? Ah fucking immigrants posing as British loyalists, no way could my fellow Brit be so stupid..... that was sarcasm in case my fellow Brit didn't get that. 

I will find these people and I shall punish them for making unionists look so stupid, you dirty illiterate infiltrators.
Oh and well done on smashing up the cars of a couple of the DUP members on yer own side, yous got the smarts Cletus.