Friday, 14 December 2012

Guns At The End Times

At the end of the world it's always handy to have guns. Until the bullets start to run out everyone and their mothers will a gun. A firearm can get you what you want as long as yer willing to pull the trigger on whatever you point at. 
Do not let a person get within grabbing range unless you want to be disarmed. A skillful knife thrower can take out a trigger finger so do not underestimate yer opponent even if they are a slow shuffling walker.

They might take a quick unseen sip from yer cup of tae and then you'd be infected.
Raid a sporting gun shop, police station or army base but get a gun. Any assault weapon is fine but knowing civvies you'd shit yerselves if you had to use one without training.

A pistol is always good to have cos then yer more likely to go checkout that noise rather than pull the covers up over yer head and get crowded by biters or aliens. If blankets could protect you then they would be used instead of Kevlar.
I'd have a 9mm as a security weapon but for my main protection I'd have a pump action shotgun.

A 12 Gauge would do nicely, they aren't heavy, you don't have to be a great shot in order to hit 'something' and they can stand a bit of abuse. 
Unlike assault rifles you don't blow all yer rounds in one go (the amateurs do) if you have 5 shots instead of 20 you'll value them more and be a bit more careful ... count yer shots lad. 

The thing about using a 12 gauge shotgun is that ammo is quite common, all the bloody farmers have shotguns. The police and the military have them (in the US) the thing about a 9mm pistol is that it also has ammo thats fairly common. The UK police have 9mm MP5 (machine guns dude) you can kill a zombie peeler and take their ammo. 

For a shit scared civvie, stick to .22 rifle until yer confidence builds up ... assuming you last that long. Like a .22 a 9mm hasn't much of a kick and sounds like a pop gun so not a big shock when you move up. Not great stopping power but you might get lucky.

In the words of Wyatt Earp, "take yer time and hurry up." In other words pay attention to what you are doing and don't panic.   
You might not have training to fall back on as at the end of the world yer target practice will be on the run.

Remember,guns make noise use them sparingly. There are always going to be more people and more guns than you so just avoid people and stab them in their sleep if you can.

Firearms may keep you alive long enough to get sorted out with a nice sword and some combat action.