Monday, 24 December 2012

Gog Bless Guns

A homeowner in Sacramento is being treated for non life threatening wounds after successfully fighting off 3 armed home invaders who tried to attack his home last night. The homeowner, a robbery suspect and two other people were in a gun battle outside of the home just after 3:30 a.m.

A story that is being shared around the web because the people who like guns (me) don't want idiots doing knee jerk reactions out of stupidity. Think before you act. 

The homeowner was shot by one of the suspects, but he managed to shoot all 3 suspects. One of the shot suspects died at the scene and the other 2 are being detained by police as they try to figure out exactly what happened.

One less scumbag in the world. 

There were children in the home at the time of the attempted home invasion having a sleepover.

That right there is designed to tweak at yer Sandy Hook heart strings, not to sound even more cold that I do but the Batman shooting in Colorado had a 6 year-old and an unborn baby but because that was a late night showing to a violent movie you won't be effected the same way ... am I right?
Don't worry, I forgive you. You can't help but be manipulated by the media thats why you need me to slap you now and again. It's also about quantity rather than quality with the anti-choice people who say that without a gun you wouldn't get so many kids killed. Eight kids killed in China with a knife ... I think yer haggling over children is invalid. Join the real world and you'll see that people throughout the world without guns have no trouble getting into double digits.    

Here in stoopid Northern Ireland had hoods attacking the homes of Catholics on their way through housing estates after one of their flag protests.
The home owners went out to fight/drive them off and a politician (Protestant of course) blamed the Catholics on fueling a tense situation. 

Too much stupid so don't go on about how the US should be like the UK in relation to guns. If we all had guns you wouldn't have 40 plus years of sectarian bullshit. Now if anyone has a gun here the hoods will be breaking in to steal it.  

Seriously you flag shitheads, are you going to have yer wee scummy kids standing out in the cold at night protesting on Christmas day and beyond? Yer a special kind of stupid if you do cos guess who'll be laughing at you .... yep just about everyone. 

Gog bless guns and the fact that the Sacramento home owner had one and knew how to use it or there might have been more kids killed. Sorry, did you have something to say about how you don't need guns in the home?