Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Go Home Vatican, You're Drunk

Anti-choice sentiment slipping away from them in Ireland and then the Philippines pass a bill to offer poor weemen contraception considering that 80% of Filipinos are Catholic. Archbishop Ramon Arguelle said that this bill is worse than the Sandy Hook shooting ..... WTF? He said "Our president intends to kill 20 million children with a fountain pen."

It's spunk, not children, they don't even taste the fucking same. 

I see the Vatican's iron grasp on these backward holdouts is slipping.

At least they still have Africa .... what a poorly educated superstitious lot they still are.  Many hate organisations like the Vatican count on that. GOP, DUP or the KKK ..... all attract the same kind of people.

With all the shit thats going on in the world why is the Vatican so obsessed with keeping equality out of marriage and slagging off queers?

What are they going to do when Jesus returns and it turns out hes a cockasidal maniac? Why else do you think he lived with 12 blokes?