Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Belfast City Hall Riots

So riots at Belfast city hall because there was a vote to only fly the Union flag on designated days instead of all the year round.
Old Knudsen isn't very impressed with the sentiment considering the way such people treat his beloved Union flag.
You don't leave flags up to rot, don't put the Ulster flag or any paramilitary/gang flags above it and most of all do not fly it upside down you twats!

A DUP councilor not happy with the way the vote went said that its an insult to everything Protestant and and insult to everything British ...... see what the Union flag is to those people? they said Protestant first, its just a symbol to bully others with like all the paramilitary/gang flags they put up in great numbers on lamp posts.

You people aren't British and don't deserve the flag. Real people have fought and died for that flag and then there are you lot being cunts.

Upside down flag ..... those little stupid shit heads.

Come to Northern Ireland, our place our time.  Another win for tourism, well done the spides of Belfast.