Thursday, 13 December 2012

Be A Prepper

 Fuck off whitey, I don't want any.

There is no harm in being prepared for any disaster. Statistics show that a zombie apocalypse is 67% more likely than meteor of death but only 53% more likely than alien invasion. You just never know... Oh and there might be minor things like civil unrest, fire, floods, earthquake and pestilence so just fucking well do as I say and get ready. 
 Make up some grab-and-go or bug-out kits for your home, office and vehicle. They should contain supplies for a minimum of 72 hours. It should contain tools to provide the basic survival necessities such as shelter, food, water, and first aid.

Water, non-perishable food, flashlights (batteries kept out of them so they don't drain) dust mask, duct tape, plastic sheeting, wet wipes, pliers, adjustable wrench, can opener, lighter/matches in waterproof container, first aid kit, blanket, spare socks and tooth brush. Zombies are no excuse to let yer oral hygiene drop.
Keep everything safe and dry by putting everything into a bin liner then into yer bug-out bag. 

Theres more you can add but it all depends on what you can run for yer life carrying. Of course weapons are also good to have, a survival knife if nothing else. If you have guns then fuck yeah!    

When zombies attack, you'll have to act fast. Safe exits from your home and neighbourhood. Have a pre-arranged plan to meet up somewhere with other survivors if you get split up.

Also have a few code words ready in case of body snatching and you don't know if little Timmy is really little Timmy.

Whatever yer apocalypse, if someone gets wounded and acts shifty and starts to sweat, kill them. Old Knudsen always likes to do strip searches in case some walker has bitten someone on their titty or arse, better to be sure says I.