Thursday, 20 December 2012

Are Yous Ready?

Old Knudsen is worried that some recent news stories have been putting people off getting prepared for the end of the world.
It's better to have a gun and not need it than not have a gun and need it. C'mon ya cunts guns are cool.

Look how cool 75p is. You pose with them and maybe raise yer eyebrow and there you have it.


Yeah Old Knudsen wishes.
Ya know who doesn't want you prepared? Satan, thats who. He wants chaos and death, once this whole shit is over on the earth and everyone is zombie or food farm for aliens then Satan gets to go back to Heaven and be a real angel.

God: "Sorry Lucifer or Satan whatever yer name is today but yer quota of souls is down from last century, too many atheists ending up in purgatory or trapped in their decaying shell of smugness, no coming home for you, oh and Jimmy Savile is one on mine, send him on up will you?"

Guns are hawt!!! you'd have to be some kinda faggot to not think so.

Thats Blacks, Gheys and Atheists insulted so far I wonder who else.

WIGGERS .... or the common folk of Northern Ireland... nice toy guns BTW.

Silly white cunts who think they are lower class black folk have given up and believe the end is nigh and so they are still rioting over MY FLAG!

They say they respect the flag but leave them up to rot in tatters every year. My fellow Norn Ironers have now shown their hand, they haven't really given up, the mob is using my flag as an excuse to attack the Alliance party because right wing Protestant DUP have started to lose votes to them and they don't like to lose.
Their mob invaded a council meeting on Monday night and threatened the councilors about a flag that only flies for 17 days a year in a completely different town.
Won't they be shocked at the end of the week when after a week of violent peaceful protests the Prod thugs who use children and weemen with babies in strollers to do their dirty work all get turned into zombies ...... will anyone notice?

 Brains brains! ..... we ain't got no brains.

Hooded, masked thugs out for a peaceful protest .... with yer Ma!

You gotta get yer hands on a pair of these before Friday.

Do you want to be this guy's bitch? .... maybe you do.

Get a 12 gauge, a sword/big knife and some tins of beans and bottles of water and the rest is gravy ... yeah get some gravy, granules are the best.... beef, not chicken. 

Old Knudsen may just save yer lives ..... why does Old Knudsen want to save you? cos he needs the constant validation of people reading his fucking blog. Love me you cunts!

Now that you've read this .... fuck off!