Saturday, 15 December 2012

Anal Aliens From Anusol 3

If Aliens are what the Mayans warned us about (did the Mayans get beamed up?) then we are ready for them.
We can sneeze on them, give them a computer virus or just shoot them a lot of times. The movies have us trained.
After E.T. we realised that even the kids couldn't be trusted. Trust no one Mr Mulder!

For years aliens have been sneaking about bum probing hicks in the sticks, what if they want to move here and bum us in greater numbers?

We think that they'll farm us for food or as a slave race but what if they really just want us for our bum sex?

Maybe we should consider surrender.

Would a life of 3 squares a day, roof over yer head and some alien butt hurt be so bad? like prison but with lasers.

If they refuse to give it to us good an hard then we sneeze on them.

Now for the actual truth.

We won't be invaded by aliens, thats because Earth is known as the dogging planet of the universe.

When an alien wants a bit of rough trade they cum here and probe uranus. Earth has nothing any alien wants as we are so primitive but we do have lots of creatures with bungholes. There are far too many advanced lifeforms out there that are so super duper evolved that they have no arses. what they do have is.

ET like yer pain....