Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Silent Threat

The town of Carrickfergus is famous for its castle and its incest. I dare you to go there and try an find a local that has a chin and who doesn't call his Da, Grandad. 

The recent Unionist fun at the moment is rioting in an attempt to ruin Christmas and to totally disrespect Old Knudsen's flag (observe the two above being held up side down) it has unleashed a danger that no one had dared talk about before ..... Loyalist Mimes! Brian McLean a 30 year-old Carrickfergus mong was arrested during one of the many violent peaceful protests that have gone on recently.
After having a few drinks for courage McLean was arrested for refusing to remove his mask (ashamed on his lack of a chin) and get this, firing an imaginary machine gun at the police. 

Two police officers think they may have been hit by bullets but were not sure. When McLean's pretend AR-15 jammed McLean tried to run for it but was slowed doon by a powerful imaginary wind so then the officers were then able to secure him inside an invisible box .

McLean had nothing to say and just looked sad and pretended to cry.

Brian McLean a sad mime.

Two others were arrested on other incidents of obstructing a road as human statues.  They were were granted bail and given a curfew of 4pm. 

If yer gonna act like children then thats how you'll be treated.