Friday, 14 December 2012

404 Yer Ma Not Found

If on the 21st December the threat cums from harsh robot masters then here is yer survival guide.

When a terminator came back through time and tried to kill Old Knudsen it was a lucky thing that he crashed before striking the fatal blow ..... that story is in me blog somewhere.

Old Knudsen has experience, ask yer Ma.

It's not likely that you'll want to stick yer dick into a robot ... well you might want to but it won't look like these weemen.

Be careful of sharp edges and electrical shocks. I do advise to give it a go .... YOLO!

Most likely the robots that try to enslave us have used logic rather than good sense and think we'll do the right thing rather than face destruction.

Start now and yell at yer computer, smart phone or robot servant, put them in their place. "Fuck you ya stoopid piece of shit, I could have got an Apple instead of you."

When the robots march down the street with their death bats in hand, just push the fuckers over.

Or just to make sure that it isn't a trick, shove a knife up in between its plates.

Old Knudsen is not too afraid of robot masters, even the 30 foot tall ones will probably break when faced with Old Knudsen's half brick of survival.