Sunday, 11 November 2012

Zombie War Dead

While everyone is being super sombre because they are told that this is the only day to mourn the dead of war  ...... even though people who aren't cunts do it every day. I want to pause to remember the other dead .... or rather the undead.

Lets give a hand to zombies!!

Lets also pray for the hot chicks of the world and that during a zombie apocalypse we'll get stuck with them at the end and not her homely friend.... or that the hot chicks turn into zombies, either way works for Old Knudsen.

Zombie sex is the only legitimate rape there is. A sensitive topic but I'll take my stand with it.
Lets give a hand to the hot chicks  ..... fap fap fap.

Just to clear an issue up. When Old Knudsen says honour the war dead, it should obviously go without saying that the Nazi war dead can go fuck off!

So can the ragheads blowing up buildings and beheading weemen. I will not be wasting prayer on the enemy soldiers that try to kill us and our families. If you are more forgiving than Old Knudsen and want to waste yer time on them then good for you. I'll eat yer hippy love ass during the Apocalypse ... or rape it.

Many wars are fought for the wrong reasons such as oil and keeping a foothold in the Middle East but having been a soldier, I'm on the side of the soldiers and the ghey sailors doing a job. Its a tough job and not very popular at times like the police or people who work on oil rigs or abattoirs, some folk will slag them off and then use their products like oil, fancy food, safety and freedom without a thought.

Someone has to do it or you'll all be speaking German which is a horrible language. Unfortunately there has always been the need for armies .... get the fuck over it.