Friday, 9 November 2012

Wild Accusations

A report has just cum out that 96% of Englishmen who were around during the 70's and 80's are pedophiles. The study goes even deeper than that and that maybe some Americans were also involved.

Donald Trump has refused to answered questions about his relationship with the late Sir Jimmy Savile and refuses to discuss how much money he has donated to the Jimmy and the Kids foundation over the last 3 decades.

Savile seen here with former Prime Minister Edward Heath who it seems was a pedo too. No doubt sharing stories of underage abuse.

Donald Trump seen here pushing up against a young boy.

Former pop star and life long bachelor Sir Cliff Richard has also said, "I wouldn't rule out having children some day." He was later arrested and questioned by police.

 Richards seen here with Savile who has his arm around a little gurl.

Its thought that Savile even abused Pedo bear thus turning that innocent bear into a predator with a taste for human kids.

The cycle of abuse continues .....