Friday, 9 November 2012

Where You At?

The Protestant right wing marching people of Northern Ireland are obsessed with their culture and if anyone says they can't do something then their culture is being threatened.
Marching in paramilitary style through Catholic neighbourhoods, calling Catholics Fenian cock suckers and Taigs, having any other religious or scientific view point on display etc etc... "my culture is being infringed upon .... so it is."    

Its their race card. The white people of Northern Ireland are so very black at times, they haven't been anywhere so they don't know ..... don't tell them.  Leopard print, gold and purple? you go gurl.

Nice bling big G

The political climate of Northern Ireland cannot get too settled and peaceful, all the politicians know this  because then they can't argue to Parliment at how Ulster is special and needs more money than Scotland and Wales gets. We have terrorism so we're worse off.

Its a fine racket which is why the ruling parties of N.I. do fuck all. Even the sectarian flute bands get government money for instruments and mock military uniforms .... its cultural ya know.  

Then there is Gaelic. Like fuck it should be taught in the schools, its a Fenian language spoken by Fenians .... yes even Scottish Gaelic.... um, sort of.

Yeah but everyone was Catholic before Protestantism was invented. Ach the people going on about culture don't know fuck all about history. The Scots came from Ireland then went back during the time of the kingdom of Dalraida then with Henry 8th and Elizabeth I The Scots settled in Ulster. The thing that divided us was religion. 
The Scots were being used as pawns by the English to make Ireland more Protestant friendly as the Pope had great power back then. 
All this shite over Sassenach power struggles, its stupid. 

 Then ya have idiot government ministers promoting Ulster/Scots as a brand. Nelson McCausland (the beardy cunt) thinking that its us the tourists want, not leprechauns and shamrocks ... no one likes us dickhead, we're shit stirring fundies.... thats our image. Do people go and visit rednecks?

Then the Ulster Scots language. What a load of shite! No one but Robbie Burns and culchies (country folk) can understand it because its spoken at speed with a silly dialect, its not a real language. There are words that have been used for hundreds of years by us English speakers such as  Thon… that, Wee … small, Cannae … can’t , Cowp …tip over, Sleekit … devious. Its a local thing mostly used by those who have never been anywhere. Old Knudsen may use them but he also explains them cos hes well traveled and is a worldly wise educator.

Heres what some said about the Ulster Scots language, I couldn't have put it better meself.   

"The ultimate DIY language", from a local politician.

A 'dialect' supposed to be derived from that of Scottish settlers who came to Ireland a long time ago, however it's actually not a language at all, and sounds laughably more like someone merely speaking slang words in a Ballymena farmer's accent.. 

Ulster Scots:
"Ey bey, whers tha wife the day ?"

"ah... shi'll b back air at home wi tha waynes !"

English Translation:

"Hey mate, wheres your wife today ?" 

"Aha, she'll be back there at home with the children." 

Some bright wee Prod realised that the Catholics were getting EU money for speaking Gaelic and decided they wanted a piece of the pie too!

Recipe time:

Take a dash of purr wee white children, give them purr uneducated parents, let them grow up and stew in backwards Northern Ireland and then you'll have a plate of people not pronouncing their words or tenses properly ....... back to the black similarity as you can compare Ulster/Scots to Ebonics.

"Bout ye!"