Wednesday, 7 November 2012

What You See Is

The right to vote: 86-year-old, Houston-area hospice patient Nita Bruemmer was determined to vote Tuesday. When her absentee ballot didn't arrive on time, her grandson-in-law helped carry her to the polls to exercise her right to vote.

Just one of the many emotional response posts that infects Facebook. Does every Facebook reader believe everything they read? Maybe they want to believe. 
The comments to this had a lot of 'amens' and 'God bless' I put down that if she voted for Romney that would be ironic.

Someone after me obviously didn't get the irony and said "It doesn't matter who she voted for, she's exercised her right and used it without regard to her condition. Stop making comments about who she voted for, this isn't about your political party affiliation or agenda."

I get it you fell for the angle the caption was going for. Thats Old Knudsen randomly told. 

Heres what I see. A big ol Texan sayin "Grandma I don't give a fuck about yer hip, you is votin for Mr Romney or I'm never visiting you again." he then grabs her away from the TV and forces her to wait for 2 hours in the heat and germs to vote. 

Every vote counts, its not like Nita knew who she was voting for anyway, she probably thought she was at Disneyland. 
The irony for my literal friend was that her corn fed grandson grabbed her and carried her (by the hair) forced marched her at speed unplugging her from her air tank so she could waste her time and vote for a loser. 

She'll probably be dead within a week exercising her grandson's right to push her finger on Mitt Romney's name. 

I don't see anything lovely about this picture, it stinks.  Why is he walking fast and the woman with the tank that Nita is attached to is starring at him and not walking? Why does he look annoyed?