Wednesday, 21 November 2012

What If God Was One Of Them?

Abadi Fayyad a Muslim from Palestine has been healing the sick by merely touching them, feeding those who are hungry by turning rocks into any brand of fast food and promoting peaceful coexistence.

We are all children of God. Why can't we help the sick the old and the poor and live together in peace?

His comments have outraged politicians worldwide. "If we help the sick, old and poor that means using tax dollars from people who are fit and working, does that seem fair?" said a US GOP spokesman.
The US Democrats said they are all for helping those in need and will write up a 1000 page draft to do so. If it gets voted doon or stalled .... hey not their fault.

The new Archbishop of Canterbury the Rt Rev Justin Welby (a former oil executive) is to give a statement on making weemen bishops in his church said to hold off on any rash claims of a savior. "I'm helping women here, not foreigners, one step at a time, people aren't ready for all of this."

The Vatican has expressed interest in testing Fayyad perhaps with a 'mock' crucifixion.

A DUP spokesman has said, "2012 years and we get a darkie who isn't even Christian or speaks English? I don't think so. I bet he has links to Sinn Fein and plans to oppress the Protestant culture in Northern Ireland. "

You see the problem here? We haven't changed much in 2012 years. The Jesus myth is one of the earliest  tales to show that humans in authority who believe they know better than others are cunts.

The story changed over the centuries and before you know it the story was retold countless times like in  E.T. Oh no, we have an alien but the government want to capture it to slice it open.

Would an ethnic, non-English speaking Muslim be accepted as the new Messiah or would he have to be white and um Christain?


I'm white, I can sorta speak English but yer religion and its dogma is shite, can I be the new Messiah please? I can turn water into special brew and I can feed the masses with Ulster fries ... with crispy bacon. I've healed the sick and like long walks beside the beach ..... on the water that is.    

Imagine the world leaders bowing down to someone who can do this .... I don't think so. It would cause more arguments and wars. Would Israel stop bombing Gaza?