Monday, 19 November 2012

Unity Splitters!!

The Republican Network for Unity are sad fuckers that sound like something out of a Monty Python film ... "We demand unity but not with anyone that looks, smells or acts like someone in authority or are mildly British" .... fucking splitters.

Where are the RNU? over there on their own of course.  

On Friday 16th November they showed the world. In an act that makes anything that Occupy do look like a hippy camp out (um thats what it is) they made a protest that made Israel stop their bombing of Gaza and apologise to the world.

No, not really ....  Did anyone notice? Did anyone know what is was about? ...... fail!!!!
In response to the on-going Israeli slaughter of Palestinian citizens they carried out a cunning attack  against the Dead Sea Salt Company which is a kiosk based in Castle Court shopping complex in Belfast that sells cosmetics and skin care treatments.

The brave activists dropped 6 paint bombs made from balloons and red paint from the balcony on to the stall, to symbolise the trauma created during Israeli air assaults on Palestinian citizens. A baby doll covered in red paint was also left at the kiosk in reference to the murder of Palestinian children in the latest round of Israeli air strikes.

Yeah it scared the shit out of the mostly Romanian workers at the Kiosk and shoppers, in fact they thought a child had fallen.

The Kiosk closed for the day to clean up .

If you have the name  'Republican' in yer titled then I reserve the right to shoot on sight. Leftie knee jerk reaction is one thing but this is the usual shite young lads get up to in Northern Ireland, how is it any different than the paint bombs you throw all the other days of the week?

Making a Middle east political statement in Northern Ireland is like asking Mitt Romney to point out Syria on a map. We've only recently discovered Shabby chic for fucks sake. You ask the shoppers about Savita dying from not getting an abortion and they will look at you confused and say, "I don't know nuthin about no pakkies" before rushing off for a smoke.   

RNU? ... I bet you thought about calling yerselves the Republican Unity Network  RUN. Oh no its the runs!  And another thing, you prove it was from Israel and not from the Dead sea in Jordan....twats! 

What about the children that the Republicans have murdered? Quit being dicks, it won't get you yer hole. A blonde doll? couldn't you at least steal yer little sister's Dora? In fact Old Knudsen is going out to buy some Dead sea salts and maybe some pepper right now.