Friday, 16 November 2012

United We Stand Untied We Fall

Looking at the White house petitions is kinda odd but very telling about Americans. You have the bleeding hearts trying to get Obama to stop Gaza rocket attacks and bring soldiers from the Indian army to justice for their crimes .... as if he could.

Then you have the secession from the union petitions set up by sour grapes after the election. The crappy poor states that get the most Federal aid money wants out as if they could be self sufficient or something. It would be good financially for the US to cut these slackers free but bad for the people as a whole.

I liked the petition from El Paso to separate itself from unpatriotic Texas so it can be a part of New Mexico which as we all know is far nicer than Texas and as far as I know, allows buttseks.... like Old Knudsen needs permission. 

From my experience the United States has never been very united with Federal, state, county and city laws to follow and many of them contradict each other. Then again theres nothing too Great about Great Britain anymore.