Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Two And A Half Men Is Smegma

Hi I'm Angus T Jones from Two and a half men, if you watch Two and a half men please stop. Go do some vague research into the harm that television does to the brain then you'll have to decide.

After reading in the Bible that television is evil I've decide to take my 9 years of big bucks from Two and a half men and maybe buy a marijuana farm or uh join a cult or something.

Two and a half men on CBS is filth, it says in the Bible that Two and a half men shall rise and all shall follow but then be broken, out of its ashes it shall be reborn but will never be as good cos Asshole Kootcher is a twat.... yeah, uh Larry I'm sure it says that :::: Larry nods:::::

Look what it did to uncle Charlie, the guy is fucking nuts. I'm 19 and my penis is sinful, after catching herpes from my three way with uncle Charlie and his then wife Denise I saw a doctor, then I saw the light.

Its filth and all hoors must die!!!