Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Theres A War On

Did you forget about the war still going on in Afghanistan? Yeah you only hear about that when our troops do something wrong or when someone points out yet again how unwinnable it is. Old Knudsen thinks it can be won.
Nuke the place and let Gog sort out its own.

A suicide bomber detonated a vehicle loaded with explosives near a joint coalition-Afghan security center in a province west of Kabul on Friday, killing two Afghan civilian workers and a woman and wounding at least 90 others.

Not a green on blue  killing, just yer usual sandsavage murder. Two men and a woman killed. Its easy to just forget that the victims were people with kids and problems, worrying about the rent and their children's futures.
You look at the headlines and move on to some celeb in the jungle having rude things said to her by other has been celebs.... oh the drama.
We've become so desensitized to death until it hits close to us and then we care and expect others to do so as well. Thats what it takes to remind us.

This teenager dressed as a cop tried to blow himself and others up. What would that virgin do with all of his undead afterlife virgins?

The bombing wasn't just a random get the west thing, it was because six Taliban members were to be executed for carrying out suicide bombings, assassinations and kidnappings. They were so crap at the suicide bombings that they lived.
The day before that eight criminals convicted of murder, rape, kidnapping and treason were all well hung.

Shit is going on but we don't care right? Isn't it great that we can go day to day without worrying about being blown up? Well it could still happen but less likely.

Another failed suicide bomber ..... and his small willy. 

Thank you troops for doing yer job even though there are some cunts that slag you off for doing it. Don't listen to those smug wankers they have probably never been in any kind of dangerous situation other than a root canal.

Do us proud, serve with honour and come home safely. Your bravery is more than just a blurb to Old Knudsen.