Monday, 5 November 2012

The Walking Dead Went Into Overkill

The Walking Dead, a TV show about zombies. A band of hicks surviving the best they could. Lori Grimes the main character's skanky wife just had a DIY c-section thus giving birth to her husband's best friend's baby ........ no its not a soap, well maybe. A soap with hacking skulls open. Well Lori died and her young son shot her when she came back as a zombie.

She annoyed me.

Did T-dog have to die too?

He got it when a noisy, moaning shuffling zombie came up behind him in broad daylight, grabbed him and bit his shoulder. If you get it that way then you deserve it.

He survived a bit longer going on about how God will look after him then seconds later he got ate by a pair of dark meat loving biters.

There goes the bald black guy with the ghetto name who was non-threatening to the white folk.

Don't worry cos now we got Oscar. The bald black guy convict token.

Walking dead is a decent show. There is a crap one about the break down of civilisation sans zombies called Revolution.
Has anyone noticed that one of the main bad guys in it looks a bit like Obama? Is this a ploy to put into the consciousness of the voter images of Obama strangling a young blonde haired blue eyed white boy?

Old Knudsen is on to you. If the Republicans somehow win the presidential election it will be voter suppression, rigged machines and a shite TV show ...... the total dicks that voted Romney weren't enough to win so I suppose they need all the cheats they can get.