Thursday, 22 November 2012

Stag Day

So a typical scenario I'm sure all of us have experienced. Yer sitting at yer patio doors that lead on to yer 10 acres, sipping yer morning coffee then suddenly a magnificent stag wonders up to yer window reminding you of the power of the Greenman, the God of nature, the consort of Mother earth.

Tory MP Glyn Davies grabbed his twitter device and tweeted 'I wish I had my 12 bore handy' 

He told his 1,500 followers 'Beautiful antlered stag in the garden, grazing on shrubs border. Oohs of admiration from family. I just wished I still had my 12 bore handy.'

Davies insisted he would not have killed the stag. 'I haven't shot anything for 40 years, I have considered getting people in to rid my garden of what are pests.'

Being flippant and glib when in power is not funny Mr Davies, its shows an old world lack of maturity. 
It nicely brings me onto the topic of blood sports in the UK. Make all yer arguments about cutting doon disease etc but we don't have enough nature in our country to afford to go around killing it. Promote nature, encourage nature  ...... then you can kill a bit of it.   

In 1999 Davies was pulled over by police for having a faulty tail light.

He got out of his vehicle wearing "only wellies, jumper and gunties" telling police the likely story “I had to take my trousers off because they were covered in farmyard manure".

Even the fact that he had a raging hard on covered in sheep shit the police let him continue his journey.