Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sorry You Aren't Educated

Kathleen Gormley was brought in to run a troubled North Belfast school . At one assembly Ms Gormley told pupils, “this is not a school for sluts or scruffs”. She didn't name anyone like, "Hey katie O'Price, yer a right slapper in yer mini skirt and caked on make up."

She said: 

"I think any new principal when they come into a school is reinforcing rules and the majority of people will like that. Some will not like that, but I was hired to raise standards and that is what I am doing and I have the support of all of the staff, the board of governors and the majority of parents."

“To be honest, when you are a new principal not everyone is going to like your standards, and I am really, really strict. I am known for running a school with rules.”

Some parents took the scruff and slut comment personally and took to Facebook to protest with badly spelled rants that makes Old Knudsen look like a scholar, "U R wrong 2 call our kids names they R wot they R U nied 2 B nicer."

Kathleen Gormley wants the children to wear their uniform properly and look tidy without crazy make up and hair colour as if they are out on the prowl for cock. You shouldn't see giblets because yer skirt is too short. A ban on body piercings and instead of calling them 'cunt' calling the teachers by their name and title.

There are plenty of self righteous sluts from the slum and they raise their children to be just like them. No self respect and they don't respect anyone else.

The new head left one of the top performing schools to go to this one. She has a Masters degree in modern history, was a former history adviser to the Western Education and Library Board. Smart is the new sexy.....

Now Ms Gormley has apologised for her remarks as the parents don't like that kind of fucking talk! Well done on calling a spade a spade and trying to teach children to behave like humans instead of hoor bags.

The apology should have said, "I'm sorry you dress your children like sluts and chavs."