Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Soft Drinks Of Doom

Fizzy pop, soda, soft drinks, whatever the fuck you call it the stuff kills. Its corrosive and can rot metal ya know.

Pictured here is Richard Norris, he drank a 2 litre bottle of Pepsi a day. In this picture he is aged 32. Norris had been drinking this much Pepsi daily since the age of 23.

Soft drinks do kill, Norris died just 2 weeks before his 38th birthday. 

Last month New York City passed the first U.S. ban of oversized sugary drinks in a step to reduce obesity and its deadly complications in a nation of fat Americans. 

Too late for Richard Norris.

This post is an example in critical thinking. An ability that is becoming lost to the world.

The recent US elections showed me how on both sides of that two horse race, critical thinking was lacking ... mostly on the GOP side.
Ever go on Facebook and read comments? you have people asking dumb questions when in fact they have Google at their finger tips.
Someone once said to Old Knudsen, "what if Google is wrong?"  Old Knudsen does do a lot of facepalms .

Old Knudsen is also an educator. Saying what if Google is wrong is sorta silly, its a search engine... thats like saying what if the library is wrong?

You have to find and figure out the facts for yerself. For example. You hear that Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya, you Google it (its also a verb) and you find a couple of sites backing these claims, you also notice that all the stories are anti-Obama and see a few Confederate flags in the side bars .... ah Southern racists.... like duh, telling pork pies .... lies.

You then go to other sights that aren't so slanted in the 'we hate them niggers' way and you see hes a Christian born in Hawaii, nobodys perfect. Oh and hes only half black, which explains his small penis.

Its funny and kinda sad that I feel I have to say this, I mean the people that believe everything they read (that they like) are adults with a vote. Many do idea even become president.

The above post with Richard Norris is bollocks. Pepsi made him fat and rotted his teeth, he was run over and killed by a truck.   

If he had even existed...... oh and it would have been a Pepsi truck in an ironic twist of lemon.