Thursday, 1 November 2012

Shark Attack!

So a 39 year-old was attacked and killed by a great white off the coast of Santa Barbara and now a week later further north up the coast a great white attacked a 25 year-old surfer, he is expected to survive and has a 14 inch scar to impress the gurls with.

Surfers and sharks have long shared the same waters. Most times a great white will swim past and the surfer and they don't even notice but the odd time the shark will mistake a swimmer or surfer for a seal and attack.
Fucking seals .... yeah, seamen have often mistaken seals as mermaids. Thats our story and we're sticking to it.   

I'll catch yer shark for ya. Some cat food in a cage left in yer garden and then when ya catch it ya beat it to death with a golf club.

No wait, thats hobos I'm talkin about. Sharks .... nope got nuthin.