Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sham Of Shame

Now I went on this Facebook page from Northern Ireland. It was amusing, mostly jokes and pictures taken off the Interweb nothing original . Last night the page owner posted a picture of an art sculpture in Belfast.
The structure is called Rise but has a couple of other nicknames like Balls on the Falls and Westicles. Its right at the Catholic Falls road area hence the name.

So I went on and left a comment. A pretty innocuous comment .... or so I thought. The following are the comments left, the ones in bold are deleted comments paraphrased from Old Knudsen's memory.

Soren Knudsen: Good on you, taking a picture of the Balls on the Falls. 

Some Bloke: Except its not on the Falls

Soren Knudsen: Just a spit away from the Falls. I didn't make up the name. I'd call them 'distraction to put drivers into traction.'

NI Shams: Calm down Soren, we don't have any arguments here or I'll take the comments down. Certainly no bitchy comments. NI shams is for everyone from Northern Ireland.  

NI Shams: Just posting a pic I took of our wee country, random shot while driving.. I know from family being in the Royal Victoria Hospital for quite some time, that this is a nice view for them. Belfast should be as grand as any other major city in the world

Soren Knudsen: Fuck yer touchy considering I'm not from either side LOL!   (I laughed and disliked the silly page) 

NI Shams: Comments taken down as inappropriate, for anyone who saw them earlier!!

NI Shams: Sorry if you commented on one of those posts, and your comment has been removed, they didn't make sense left on their own. Thanks to all who backed US up!

Some Bloke: I like 'the balls at the falls' that name works a couple of ways but I much prefer 'the westicles'   
Typical Sham post

Now I'm just wondering how the fuck did they think I wasn't anything but calm. I know this type of person. They have a Facebook page and think they are someone .... I bet you were big on MySpace too. Bitchy? wow they sure read a lot into things. This is a perfect example of why people from Northern Ireland who have asspergers should not do comedy. The Irish doon south are funny, the North, not so much.

They were right about how Belfast should be as grand as any other major city .... except it isn't, and isn't even a major city. If you think it is then you haven't been anywhere. Go down to Dublin for more of a clue.  We've got riots and bands pissing on churches .... oh and webby balls. 

I thought my comments were harmless, witty and not worth a second thought but by the looks of the other comments there was a mini flame war and they 'needed' backed up. That would be the usual Northern Ireland habit of  finding offense in anything. 
I went to bed .... sorry for missing it all but it just wasn't that interesting I've seen it all before.

The panicked brain of the Norn iron yokel:
'I don't get yer humour, you mentioned something Catholic so I'll take the safe route and take offense' 

Its all right, I get that a lot. Some people just aren't too bright. It merely reinforced my view that 98% of Northern Ireland people are not funny or mature enough to be on line. 

Yes NI Shams is for everyone from Northern Ireland, just like the Orange Order is for all Christians ... you have to read the fine print though ...... Only our kind of people and those that know their place.

I wish them good luck with their page but suggest they take a look at their own issues