Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Romney, Man For The People

If yer still going to vote Romney after everything that he and his fellow GOP mates have said then yer just as stupid as they are.
I can get the white American male voting for him, you get to tell weemen and gheys what to do, that kind of shit makes you feel like a big man and distracts you from all yer inadequacies. It also sticks it to the coloureds and those over educated liberals, you really hate those thinking types.

Everyone else that votes Romney, well you must like being put in yer place. Don't forget to tug yer forelock.

The class system for the UK and the US is quite different. In the UK it used to be about money and breeding. Its still about money of course but education is how those with not too much money look doon on others. If you can pull off a posh accent yer shit ceases to smell.

There is no class in the US .... that was a joke, the class system there is based solely on wealth. Or the appearance of wealth which explains why people in drought states have lawns.

So Trump who is as common as fuck can look doon on the average man because even though he has been bankrupt a few times, you associate him with wealth.

Romney is not common, he is an elitist. The best Universities, big homes and travel. Yet still he is vastly out of touch with his fellow man. His horizons have not been widened because he doesn't travel in our circles. Five star hotels and resorts tend to all look the same after a while.

Why would you want him as President? 1) you really don't like Obama, wrong colour and he hasn't fixed all of Bush's problems. 2) you are just fucking stupid. 3) you vote Republican no matter what because you are just fucking stupid.   

Old Knudsen doesn't see this draft dodging religious nut liar as a leader of any kind. I don't have anything in common with him or his life, he looks for the profit in everything. It would be another case of Bush making decisions that help Haliburton.

The only thing he does for employment is move it overseas. 

Old Knudsen's prediction:

Obama will win his second term and Romney voters will still be losers. They'll be waiting for Sarah Palin's comeback in 2016 like they've been waiting for Jesus for 2012 years.