Saturday, 10 November 2012

Racist Wear

The Kardashian sisters have joined up with UK high street staple Dorothy Perkins to infect the British with their own brand of leopard print and leather troosers.... Aye the same shite the slappers already wear here.  

Gold, leopard print and purple with jazzy busy designs all ready for Christmas. Its called the Kardashian Kollection but should really be called 'Blackwear .... for slags' its funny that you live in the US and see the stuff that only black people would wear and come to the UK and see all the white weemen dressed as black people, don't get me started on the male wiggers. Hispanics also dress like black folk too. Are black people so fashionable?

Then ya have men dressing in plaid shirts that look like were borrowed from their sister. Whats that about?  I don't know why my people want to dress and colour their skin to be black considering they probably have never even met a black person, my people tend to be a tad racist with narrow views that have been sculpted by bad TV. 
Its the clothes that are out there and if everyone is wearing it then its what the sheep wear right? 

Stereotypes persist.  'Old Knudsen saying black people dress like this and do that, he must be a white supremacist.'

Thats the problem with talking about groups of people, unless you 100% accept them for whatever shite they do then you are the problem.
Irish, Scottish and British people have no sense of personal hygiene, are rude and can't have fun without being not drunk .... but way past being drunk. When they aren't talking about the weather they are going on about their hangovers. 

Am I being racist because I'm slagging off white people?  I don't give a fuck, all people no matter the colour or culture are cunts.