Saturday, 17 November 2012

Praveen Halappanavar Returns For Justice

Praveen Halappanavar the husband of Savita Halappanavar the woman who died in an Irish hospital because they wouldn't terminate her miscarried baby is returning to Ireland this weekend.

He will be working with activist groups to put pressure onto the Irish system.  He believes that because of his terrible loss that no other woman should have such a tragic unexpected end like Savita.

"Doctors refused the termination on the grounds that the fetal heartbeat was still present and being a Catholic country it is not permitted.
I tried to plead with the doctors that I am not Irish or a Catholic, so please help and terminate her pregnancy.
I hope they change the law and make it more people-friendly [rather] than on the basis of religious beliefs."

Its a terrible story, these people deserved a good life but as usual stupid religious dogma made up by privileged arseholes that think they know better ruined everything.
"I was holding her hand, they were trying to pump her heart, there was a big team around. The doctor just told me they lost her."

If Old Knudsen had a heart it would be broken. 

The Indian government are following the case and have said that if Savita had been in India she would still be alive .... You hear that Ireland ? India is better than you thats why they get all the jobs.

The Delhi Catholic Archdiocese said the mother's life should not have been risked though abortion was a complete no for them.... nice sensible hindsight stance sir. I wonder what you thought before this happened.

If Savita had been treated in Northern Ireland the same thing probably would have happened. 

Good luck Mr Halappanavar, you have the support of all right minded people on the island of Ireland. Its odd the kind of things it takes to drag this idiot island into the 21st century.