Wednesday, 28 November 2012

On The Line Shopping

Imagine that, Internet sales have risen in Northern Ireland by 11%. Not bad for a load of computer illiterate rednecks.
What about the death of the high street?  It seems that even rednecks get sick of no choice, no value and poor service.
You can go on about supporting yer local shops but when those local shops gouge you with their prices and don't have what you want then fuck them.

Old Knudsen has gone into local shops to be told, "Oh its only available in those colours" well online it has the colour I want. The shop staff look at the shelf and say that is all they have 98% of times. Younger sales staff will suggest you go online but the older ones will say tough luck .

Hes even had a bloke tell him that he called the company and that an item was discontinued but he had a similar in the shop. Upon going online Old Knudsen found out that no, it was not discontinued at all, the shop just didn't have it and didn't want to order one..... Let the high street die!   

Its not like the US where the sales tax stays in the area you shop in, all sales tax or VAT goes to the government and does not aid yer community except by keeping the shop owner in business. The same owners who stand a talk while you wait to get served.

Old Knudsen likes to shop in Real Life in which he can see and touch the item. He doesn't want to shop in a place that thinks its a Mini Mart and jacks up its prices because its the only game in town. Guess what? yer dictatorship of convenience has ended.