Thursday, 1 November 2012

Kim Jong-il Was A Sexual Predator

Kim Jong-il,  North Korea's supreme leader who died last year has suffered the same fate as the late Sir Jimmy Savile.
Sir Jimmy Savile doing some charity work for Childline. "now then, you say he touched you, did you like it?"
Lil Kim has had numerous allegations of sexual assault from women too scared to come forward until after his death

"He took me into his dressing room , he was only a little fella and was able to step in under my skirt and touch me on my lady garden. He then said to tell no one as he was the king of hoes!" 

A crowd of upset victims and their families protest during Kim's funeral. Don't know why I hid their faces, they all look alike. 

Just recently Kim Chol, the former vice minister of the army, was forced to stand on a spot that had been targeted with a mortar on the orders of Kim Jong-un as a form of execution after he asked for an inquiry into the abuse. 

Gurls and boys as young as 13 were targeted by the Dear leader during his 12 year reign of terror its even been told that Kim dry humped the dead body of his father Kim Il Sung and abused him with a corn cob, similar to the one shown above. 

This makes Old Knudsen ill, yet another great hero turning out to be a disgusting pedo. Who next? 

That wasn't a rhetorical question.

Fidel Castro the scourge of the Kindergarten. Over 230 cases of sexual assault documented in a secret file entitled 'The secret file of sexual assault' not really a great name, the Boy Scouts of America called their file 'The perversion file' I'd call mine 'Political speeches of the Labour party 1896 - 1978.'
If I had a file.