Monday, 5 November 2012

Is Leeds The Pedo Capital Of The World?

Catholic Care, an adoption agency run by the Diocese of Leeds, wanted its adoption service to be made exempt from equality laws so it didn't have to let gheys adopt.
A judge has ruled the charity had failed to give convincing reasons why it should be allowed to do so. It has to buck up its ideas or lose it's charity status.

The charity is considering its options ... in other words 'how can we pretend to support the law but not do it?'
Ah the Diocese of Leeds, Old Knudsen's ancient enemy.

The little children please me .... I know Benny, they give me the raging horn too.

If you remember it was the Diocese of Leeds, yes Bishop Arthur Roche who sent a legal letter to Goggle to get Old Knudsen to take doon a post about them ...... Old Knudsen took it doon, he also changed it, posted the letter and put it back up but we won't go into that.   

The Catholic church thinks the law shouldn't apply to them. I see they are most humble after all the abuse they have caused and supported. 


Scottish Cardinal Keith O'Brien won the Stonewall Bigot of the year award

He compared being ghey to pedophilia. Well, he'd know.
"What if a man likes little girls? Can he adopt a little girl and then just have a little girl at home? We are working towards the destruction of any sort of moral standards."

What about men who pretend to be celibate and wear dresses and surround themselves with little boys? 

I won't mention Hitler and his tactics but it looks as if the Catholic Church is concentrating on a scapegoat to unite against and distract people from the shit that they do. I wonder how they could have gotten that idea, almost like a Nazi runs them or something.

Old Knudsen does not for one minute suggest that Leeds ... in England is full of pedos but remember, Jimmy Savile, Britain's favourite and most successful pedo was born there and it was the University of Leeds that gave him an honorary doctorate of law in the 1980s. 

Savile was also knighted by the Pope which brings us back to the Diocese of Leeds and Bishop Roche who lead the lengthy cathedral funeral service for Sir Jimmy .... draw yer own conclusions.  

If yer against Old Knudsen then yer obviously in support of pedos ..... remember that Diocese of Leeds the next time you threaten legal action. Which should be soon.