Monday, 5 November 2012

I Hate Morrissey

Inspired by Manuel T Waiter's glasses and his love for this dickhead. Stephen McBride also loves him, why don't they just marry him?

Morrissey was the lead singer for a pop indy band The Smiths. A yapping depressing group whine, whine whine. Oh I'm so very sad and miserable. Gurlfriends in a coma .... this is serious, well no shit Sherlock. 

Morrissey became a stereotype and now people dress as him and wave half dead flowers about ... for a lark to scare the kids at Halloween and the like. 

The only saving grace the band had was the guitar rifts from Johnny Marr. They were cool and catchy and make the group stand out. You could almost forgive their political agendas and dull singing... almost.

Morrissey hasn't aged well, he looks the same but fatter, I mean in maturity. He goes to Argentina for a concert and slags off the British government and royalty ... slag em off sure, but not in front of the natives, what a cock head. Its like people going to like minded people because they need validation.

The vegetarian does not mind handling the odd neck. 

The Smiths are a group you can like but not a group you can listen to constantly without feeling suicidal afterwards.
The voice and the complaining is like being trapped in a room with Debbie Downer.  Oh congratulations on getting a job, times are tough you must be pleased .......... yeah but I really hate it, I get paid too much and they expect me to get up early and go to work... poor wee love.