Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hollywood Bust Up

Old Knudsen has the mystical ability to see through the bullshit, thats why people take offense at him, it often doesn't suit them to see it.

There is a custody dispute between Halle Berry and her ex Gabriel Aubry. Its a case of he said she said with the new boyfriend of Halle, Oliver Martinez is getting involved too.

There has no doubt been shit said from both sides but Old Knudsen doesn't believe how the situation is going right now.
Aubry who is French Canadian left off his daughter Nahla at Berry's home on Thanksgiving. It was reported from Martinez that Aubry attacked him. Aubry said that Martinez took him outside to talk to him and then beat the shit out of him. Mostly for the 3 million Aubry is costing them in the custody battle.

 Aubry wants the CCTV footage from outside the home before Martinez deletes it.

Heres what I think, the two men are parading cocks, both proud, big mouthed Frenchies. Martinez is far tougher than Aubry and they both know it. Martinez did beat him up because Martinez is legally in a stronger postion, he lives there at the home and has back up witnesses should he need it. Aubry already has a history of yelling and shoving the nanny and Halle has put it out there that she feels threatened by him.
Aubry now has got a restraining order on him because of this latest fight and a possible deportation back to Canada.

Look at the injuries. Martinez has a damaged and swollen right hand where he pummeled Aubry's pretty face. Aubry who is a pretty boy, golfing, guitar playing model is more used to yelling at weemen. He didn't stand a chance.

Aubry probably deserved it but I suspect that Martinez and Berry are manipulating the situation in order to win the legal battle.

Halle has never been too good with picking her partners, she tends to go for the bad boy type that controls her and treats her like shite. Grow a pair Halle, yer deep rooted insecurities aren't that sexy which is why Old Knudsen dumped you, and quit the begging e-mails its long over. 

I doubt there will be any CCTV of the fight, it will mysteriously be out of order or something. Aubry is fucked, well played Mr Martinez.